Petrol and Diesel Car Sales Ban by 2040 in UK – The Facts

In addition to the new tax being brought in for new diesel cars, the government has announced that by 2040 you will no longer be …

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Diesel cars, pollution and new taxes in 2018 – what you need to know

Following Chancellor Phillip Hammond’s revelation of the 2018 financial budget, there has been a clear focus on ‘Clean Air’ and reducing our CO2 emissions. As …

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Car Locksmith – Emergency Entry

Being locked out of your vehicle can be a terrifying event. It is also not an easy thing to deal with on your own and …

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New UK Speeding fines – All you need to know

The new UK speeding laws come into effect from 24th April 2017, motorists caught speeding from this date on-wards will find themselves facing tougher new …

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Frozen door locks – Top tips to defrost them

So You’ve gone to get into your car in the morning or when you’re leaving work to drive home and your car door locks are …

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UK Fuel Prices Brexit & Bremain Predictions

The European Referendum In the run up to the European Referendum on 23rd June, we will all be asking ourselves what factors will be making …

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