The importance of checking your fuel filter after misfuelling

18 May 2022 | Rachel Harris

A fuel filter ensures the fuel entering the vehicle’s engine is clean. The filter is used every time you start your ignition, so it is a vital aspect of any vehicle.

If you have misfulled your vehicle, especially if you have started the ignition, some of the incorrect fuel will have been caught in the fuel filter. It is for this reason why it is recommended that you have your fuel filter replaced after misfuelling.

Fuel filters will eventually become clogged and need to be replaced. If these are not replaced and cause blockages, they could stop your engine from working all together.

Replacing a fuel filter is not a complicated job, but should be completed by a mechanic. They are able to check the fuel pressure and confirm if the filter needs to be changed.

Signs your fuel filter may not be working as it should:

– Trouble starting your engine
– Vehicle stalling
– A check engine warning light appears often
– Poor engine performance

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