Steps to take if you realise that you have misfuelled before starting the engine

8 June 2022 | Rachel Harris

1. Do not put the key in the ignition as this will prime the system and start to circulate the incorrect fuel around the vehicle.

2. The good news is you have contained the incorrect fuel to your fuel tank.

3. Call a reputable fuel company like Auto Fuel Fix, who will come to your location and drain the contaminated fuel.

4. Our technicians can provide a high quality fuel additive to add into your fuel tank. Although our technicians can drain the majority of the contaminated fuel from the tank, there will always be a residual amount remaining and the additive will help to dilute these remnants as they circulate around the vehicle.

5. Fill up your vehicle with the correct fuel and continue your journey.

6. Ensure you check the fuel filter and have this replaced if necessary.