The benefits of a fuel additive

26 May 2022 | Rachel Harris

If you have misfuelled your vehicle, we at Auto Fuel Fix (AFF), will always recommend that your fuel filter is changed and a high quality fuel additive is added.

If you have started the ignition after having misfuelled, the contaminated fuel will have entered into the vehicle’s engine. A fuel additive helps to clean the fuel out from within the system and prevent any further damage to your vehicle.

Even if you didn’t start the ignition after having misfuelled, we would still recommend adding a fuel additive. The reason for this, is that although we can drain the majority of the contaminated fuel from the tank, there will always be a residual amount remaining and the additive will help to dilute these remnants as it circulates around the vehicle.

Some would say that all vehicles would benefit from a fuel additive every few months to help break down any dirt or debris which may be in the vehicle’s system and optimise performance and so you can be sure that using a fuel additive will always be a great investment.

If you have recently misfuelled and need assistance in checking that your vehicle was correctly drained, please contact us on 0844 879 4770.