Contaminated Fuel – How much is too much?

Contaminated Fuel Contaminated fuel from misfuelling can be a distressing mistake.  It is far more common than you would think and is equally common for …

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Premium Fuels – Worth the extra money?

Most of us have probably looked at the premium fuels nozzle at the fuel pump while filling up and wondered whether we would see any …

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Fuel Tax Frozen For 6th Year – Update

Tax on Fuel Frozen Again After all of the pre budget speculation and predictions that the chancellor’s Budget statement 2016 would include an increase in …

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Fuel Duty hike expected UK Budget 2016

Fuel Duty …  2016 budget With the 2016 Budget coming up next week, motorists are speculating as to whether Chancellor George Osborne will be increasing …

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Car Tyres – a comprehensive guide

Good car tyres are crucial for safe and economical driving.  Maintaining and changing your tyres properly and regularily will increase their life span. This guide …

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Fuel Economy, Causes of poor MPG

If you have noticed that your vehicle is running less economically than it used to, there could be an underlying mechanical problem. This guide covers …

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