Misfueling an AdBlue Vehicle

1 March 2022 | Rachel Harris

Did you know that in the UK, someone puts the incorrect fuel in their vehicle every 3.5 minutes. Whilst there are many misfueling companies available, not all companies can drain fuel from a vehicle containing AdBlue.

All new diesel vehicles sold from 2007 are required to have an AdBlue tank, but many older models are also equipped with the system. If you are the owner of a diesel vehicle purchased after 2007, then this probably applies to you. So what is AdBlue and how we can be prepared should we misfuel?

AdBlue is a fluid used in diesel engines that converts harmful nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water and reduces engine emissions by 90%. Drivers of diesel vehicles need to know how and when to top up their AdBlue tanks to keep their cars running smoothly and help the environment.

Why do diesel cars use AdBlue?

Approximately one third of all NOx emissions from modern heavy duty vehicles (trucks and buses) are due to the fuel used in their diesel engines.

Individual cars emit a very small amount of NOx but when emissions are added up, the air quality in a city or town can get noticeably worse and one’s health can be affected. NOx emissions are reduced with the use of AdBlue.

My car uses AdBlue, but how much is required?

Driving your diesel car will use AdBlue but how much AdBlue the car uses varies. AdBlue can last for up to 10,000 miles in some cars but it depends on your car’s make and model make, as well as your driving style. Industry statistics indicate that, on average, a private user has to top up their AdBlue tank at least once a year.

How do I check how much AdBlue I have left?

In every car that uses AdBlue, there is a gauge that shows how much is left in the tank.. A warning light will appear on the driver’s display long before the AdBlue tank is empty. Usually, AdBlue is purchased from fuel stations or garages and you can refill it yourself although be sure to wear gloves as it’s not very pleasant to get on your fingers!


Misfueling an AdBlue vehicle

When you misfuel, the advice is to make yourself safe and not to start the engine. You will then need to contact a misfueling company who can drain the incorrect fuel and get you back on the road.

 If you misfuel your diesel vehicle containing AdBlue however, you can’t just call any misfueling company. This is because not all misfueling companies are able to drain incorrect fuel if the vehicle has an AdBlue tank. This is because AdBlue crystalises quickly and absorbs moisture, so if the misfueling company don’t have the correct draining equipment it will damage their pump.

 Auto Fuel Fix specialise in the safe removal of wrong fuel in cars. We keep up to date with any developments, such as high pressure diesel injection systems, that might need a specific approach to flush any contamination from the components.

If your vehicle uses AdBlue, ensure you save our number! The last thing you want is to wait for a misfueling company to arrive, to find out they are unable to remove the fuel from your vehicle due to it containing AdBlue.

With over 10 years of experience in the fuel draining company, Auto Fuel Fix can safely deal with your misfuelled vehicle even if it contains AdBlue.