Range Anxiety

8 March 2022 | Rachel Harris

If you are an electric car owner, you know all too well about the dreaded “range anxiety.” That feeling of panic that sets in when you realise your car is running low on battery and you are nowhere near a charging station.

In general, range anxiety affects people new to electric vehicles EV’s and according to a recent study, 58% of drivers cite range anxiety as a barrier to purchasing an electric car.

So what can be done to make these cars more appealing to the average consumer? And how can we overcome the issue of range anxiety?

Three simple solutions to reducing range anxiety

1.     Navigate the road ahead

Having an idea of what lies ahead gives drivers a sense of security. Route planning and clear visibility of charging stations will help drivers feel more confident about their upcoming journey’s, removing the fear of driving EV’s.

2.     Power up and plug in

Practicing good habits when driving an EV can reduce range anxiety.

– Don’t charge to 100% every time you plug in because that puts unnecessary stress on the battery and shortens its overall lifespan.

– Don’t use the climate control excessively while driving.

– Finally, learn how much range charging at different power levels will give you so you know what to expect before leaving.

3.     Purchase an insurance policy with Recharge Rescue

A Recharge Rescue policy provides you with the peace of mind to buy and use an EV to its’ full potential. In the event that you accidentally run out of charge, they will dispatch one of their specialist mobile charging vehicles and provide you with up to 30 minutes of charge from the roadside. This will normally deliver a 10 to 15 mile range, depending on the type of EV you are driving. The Recharge Rescue technicians can connect to all EV’s currently in use in the UK.

Recharge Rescue are the only company to be able to offer a roadside “fast charging” solution, and they will have you back on your way in record time.

To purchase a policy, go to or call 0800 999 4216.