Have you put AdBlue into your fuel tank?

11 May 2022 | Rachel Harris

AdBlue is the trade name for a type of diesel exhaust fluid. It’s a mixture of urea and deionised water that’s stored in a separate tank from the car’s fuel.

When the car’s engine is running, tiny amounts of AdBlue are squirted onto the exhaust gas produced, turning the NOx into nitrogen and water.

To avoid confusion, the AdBlue tank can be identified by a blue nozzle and a blue fill cap. However, mistakes do happen and should you put AdBlue into the diesel engine, it is important that you follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Don’t start your ignition

If you start your ignition, it will begin to circulate the AdBlue through the entire fuel system. AdBlue crystallises quickly and absorbs moisture, so it will cause damage to your vehicle.

Step 2 –  Contact a professional

Contact a registered fuel drain technician to drain the AdBlue from your fuel tank. Ensure they are able to drain AdBlue, as not all companies have the correct equipment to safely remove it.

Step 3 – Check for damage

It is important that you get a mechanic to check if any damage was done to your vehicle. The filters may have absorbed the AdBlue, so these can be replaced.