What happens when I’ve put petrol into a modern prestige diesel vehicle?

19 July 2013

The weekend just passed we received a call from a rather desperate sounding customer. He had lent his 12 plate E200CDI Mercedes to a friend who had put 10 litres of petrol into the car, realised his mistake, then put…

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Can I fix my car, without recovery to a dealer, if I’ve put diesel in a petrol?

10 July 2013

Another busy weekend – this time with a very exotic motor car needing our assistance – Ferrari Testarossa. Those of you old enough, and those young enough to be into retro US cop shows, will know this car from the…

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How Much Does A Fuel Drain Cost?

19 June 2013

Putting the wrong fuel into your car can be an incredibly inconvenient and, potentially, expensive experience. Here at Auto Fuel Fix, we have been specialising in the removal of contaminated fuel from a variety of road vehicles since 2006. During…

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Wrong Fuel In Car?

If you’ve made the mistake of putting the wrong fuel in your car, don’t start your engine. However, if you have started driving, don’t panic. The first thing to do is safely pull over, park and switch off your engine.

Call us on: 0844 879 4770 and one of our specialist technicians will be with you in no more than 1 hour. We’ll then drain the car of the wrong fuel whether diesel or petrol, before providing you with enough of the correct fuel to get to the next petrol station.

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