Putting diesel in a petrol Hyundai Sonata

17 January 2014 | Bruce Compton

When you’re borrowing a friends car, using a work vehicle or a loan vehicle, it can be a common mistake to make to put diesel in a petrol, as you’re so used to putting that fuel in your own vehicle. This seems to be the case with James who managed to do exactly that in Chelmsford (CM3). Whilst going through his usual routine of filling up the tank with fuel he managed to put diesel in a petrol Hyundai Sonata.

One quick call to Auto Fuel Fix saw the diesel successfully drained and flushed out of the tank, then with the correct petrol put into the tank, James was back up and running in no time and no damage had been caused to the vehicle.

Remember – When it’s not your own vehicle, you can usually check inside the filler flap where there can be a label to see whether it’s petrol or diesel you should be filling the tank with.