Holiday Season and Camper Vans are not impervious to the Wrong Fuel!

Had a call out on Saturday just passed to attend a classic VW camper van stranded in Devon. The family were on board, as was …

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I’ve put diesel in my superbike!

We received a call on Sunday evening from a customer who had filled his Honda VTR1000 with diesel – definitely not a good combination! Our …

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What happens when I’ve put petrol into a modern prestige diesel vehicle?

The weekend just passed we received a call from a rather desperate sounding customer. He had lent his 12 plate E200CDI Mercedes to a friend …

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Can I fix my car, without recovery to a dealer, if I’ve put diesel in a petrol?

Another busy weekend – this time with a very exotic motor car needing our assistance – Ferrari Testarossa. Those of you old enough, and those …

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How Much Does A Fuel Drain Cost?

Putting the wrong fuel into your car can be an incredibly inconvenient and, potentially, expensive experience. Here at Auto Fuel Fix, we have been specialising …

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