Older vehicles that have been mis fuelled

3 September 2013 | glennwills

We’re always apprehensive about older vehicles that have been mis fuelled, particularly with petrol engines. An old vehicle with high mileage will generally speaking have weaker ancillary components that are far less likely to survive the process of being driven with the wrong fuel. This is especially true of petrol engines, so when our control room received a call on Thursday requesting assistance for a driver who’d broken down in a 1972 petrol car there was some concern as to the likelihood of us being able to successfully re start the vehicle.

In the end our concerns were unfounded. The car in question was a deeply loved Triumph Stag, which despite its age, was probably in better condition than most cars a quarter of its age. We were able to flush the fuel lines and then re start the vehicle much to the relief of the proud owner