Holiday Season and Camper Vans are not impervious to the Wrong Fuel!

16 August 2013 | glennwills

Had a call out on Saturday just passed to attend a classic VW camper van stranded in Devon. The family were on board, as was surfing equipment, provisions and a rather noisy border terrier! Being in a remote part of North Devon it took us approximately 90 minutes to arrive at their location but I suppose you couldn’t be in a more comfortable vehicle if you find yourself broken down.

Once on scene our engineer was able to remove the offending diesel (it had been filled up literally yards earlier in a local petrol station) and then he flushed through the carburettor before attempting the restart. He offered the customer a fuel additive which aids the process of removing any contaminated fuel – in view of the age of the camper, and the obvious care and attention it received from its keepers – the customer went ahead with the purchase. This was added to the correct petrol as it was poured into the tank and then, after two attempts, the van sprang back into life.

Happily, the family holiday was back on track after only 2 hours delay