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How much does it cost to remove the wrong fuel from my car?

Putting the wrong fuel in your car can be horribly expensive and highly inconvenient. We at AFF have been specialising in the removal of contaminated fuel from road vehicles since 2006. During this time there have been certain questions that are continually asked so we believe the following responses may well prove helpful should you find yourself in this predicament –

1 Will my engine be permanently damaged if I use the wrong fuel?

If you realise your mistake at the pumps, before you’ve started the engine, a categorical no. If you start the car – realise your error – and switch it off, it’s unlikely, particularly if the vehicle is relatively new and hasn’t covered a high mileage (tired engines with worn out components such as catalytic converters are more fragile than robust younger vehicles). In the event of the car being driven then breaking down it is harder to predict the long term effect on the drivetrain. Our experience would suggest that, if the drain and flush is carried out thoroughly, the vast majority of vehicles will not suffer any further effects. However, there have been examples (usually the older models mentioned previously) when the damage has been more far reaching

2 Will my insurance cover using the wrong fuel in my car?

Sadly no – unless you have specifically requested such cover. In the event you have beware of the excess

3 How much does it cost to remove the wrong fuel from my car?

Recovery to a dealer can be anything from £400.00 – £4,000.00, depending on make and model. Turnaround time is between 1 day and 5 days dependent upon parts availability. AFF will come to your location and carry out the drain for £190.00, any day and any time

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