Wrong fuel / misfuel in London

Don't Panic!

Follow these steps if you have put the wrong fuel in your vehicle

Stop Driving

Don’t start your car. If you have started your car, park and switch off your vehicle as soon as possible.

Call Us Now

We will drain and flush your vehicle at your location. We will then provide you with sufficient fuel to get you to the next fuel station.

Wrong fuel / misfuel in London

Have you put the wrong fuel in your car in London, have you put petrol in a diesel vehicle, or vice versa? Auto Fuel Fix are the UK’s leading national misfuelling rescue service, our expert technicians use state of the art equipment to ensure minimal to NO damage is caused to your vehicles engine or fuel system.
If you find yourself with the wrong fuel in London, our call centre is ready to take your phone call and send out one of our trained technicians to assist you at your location. We aim to be with you within 20 minutes of your call after you have misfuelled your car. 98% of misfuelling mistakes can be rectified successfully at the roadside. Before we arrive we advise you to make sure you do the following to prevent any potential terminal damage to your vehicles engine or fuel system.


If you’ve realised you’ve put in the wrong fuel before starting your car, DO NOT put your key in the ignition and DO NOT START YOUR ENGINE. If you’re already driving, pull over and stop as soon as it is safe to do so, but DON’T PANIC!

Remember: Putting your ignition on, even without starting the car, primes the fuel pump and starts the wrong fuel circulating.


If you don’t know your location, find out where you are. Give us a call with your details and your location and our team of operators will dispatch our fuel removal technician immediately to your location. If you’re at a fuel station, let the cashier know of your situation.

Safety First

If you find yourself pulled over at the side of a main road after realising you’ve put the wrong fuel in your car, make sure all your occupants are moved to a safe place, especially if your vehicle is at the side of a busy A road or motorway.

More Misfuelling Information

If you would like more information on misfuelling, check out our wrong fuel in car, petrol in a diesel car and diesel in a petrol car guides.


We had a call from a customer in central London who had put the wrong fuel in their car.

“Auto Fuel Fix were reassuring on the phone and their engineer was with me in no time. After removing all the wrong fuel from my car and leaving me with enough fresh diesel to get to a filling station I was on my way.”

Auto Fuel Fix was called out to a gentleman who had put the wrong fuel in his company car in Croydon, London.

“I use a car pool, so some days I drive petrol and others diesel cars, I couldn’t believe I’d been so stupid, especially after taking the mickey out of another guy in the office for doing the same thing 2 weeks earlier. Auto Fuel Fix were great, and I think I will try and keep this quiet from my work colleagues.”

Our engineer was called out to a distraught lady who had just put the wrong fuel in her car ion Harrow, London. She was at the side of a busy main road with her children.

“Auto Fuel Fix were great, the engineer rectified my misfuelling incident really quickly and got me on my way with some after care advice to make sure I have no issues in the future. Superb and invaluable service.”

It’s no fun finding yourself stranded in rush hour after realising you’ve put wrong fuel in your car, that’s what happened to one customer in Bromley, London.

“I can’t believe I done it, I was in such a rush I put petrol in my wife’s diesel car. Luckily the Auto Fuel Fix engineer assured me she wouldn’t be able to tell after he’d rectified the situation. “

Auto Fuel Fix attended an incident of putting the wrong fuel in a car in Romford, London.

“Great, quick professional service, what more could you ask for, thanks Auto Fuel Fix.”

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